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Here you will find our finished Ch's, Agility, Flyball, and all around just great shots of some of our dogs doing what they love best.

We are so proud of their owners, and how well all our four legged family members have done in any venue they set out to achieve, most updated titles will be on their individual pages :)

Congrats to the following on your new titles!

Token & Suzanne! NEW ATCHc! Cassbar's Flyin High Again

Patty & Juno!!!

Ebony & Kim NEW! ATChC Cassbar's Ebony and Ivory, MGDC, MSCDC, Bronze Award, ExSt Bronze, EXJ Bronze, EXS Bronze, VBA

Jeff & Dart! ATCH & USDAA HOF! Ch. Cassbar's Blue Hill's True Flyte

Sneak, Feist & Bev!Cassbar's Sneak it Bye Ewe ADC, SGDC

"Zoom" New DUAL CH! Herding Trial CH! Cassbar's Midnight Express

"Beetle" Cassbar's Irish Delight OAC,OJC,OCC,TN-N,TG-N,AgN,VSADC,PJ1

"Levi" CH. New MOTCH! Cassbar's Classic Jean's

"Rory" Ch. Cassbar Glamoor Imagine This FM,SSA, SJ,SG,SS,SR,AD,ASA,AJ,EAC, TN-E, OJC, NGC, TN-O, TG-O

"Kohl" Cassbar's Flames Black Ice NA, NAJ, AG-N, WV-N, OGC, TG-O, EAC, O-EJC, TN-E, AD

"Allie" Cassbar's Fan the Flames NA, NAJ, AG-N, NAC, NJC, NGC, TN-N & OAC

"Dakota" Cassbar's Daring Dakota EJC,NAC,NCC,NJC,OJC,TN-N

"Dustee" Cassbar's Eat My Dust FM,TN-N,HIC

"Tex" Cassbar's Lone Star HIC,TN-N,Onyx

"Hope" Cassbar's Made Me Do It, Onyx, ADC, AD, NJC

"Sis" Cassbar's Love Made me Do it

"Bliss" Intl/Nat/Can Ch. Cassbar's Follow Your Bliss HIC

Dogs we have lost who are dear to our families

Rest in Peace

"Danny" Motch Multi Hit Cassbar Glamoor's Suprise U Too AGI, PS1, OAC, OTC, NWC, NJC, NGC

"Montana" Ch. Cassbar's Back Talk

"Dallas" Cassbar's Rising Star FGR50K,EJC,TN-O,OAC,OCC,VSGDC,PK1,PG1,E-TN,O-TG,OAC

"DJ" Cassbar's Graphic DJ, NAC,TN-N,TN-O. NTG, AG.N, FMX, NA, PD1